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The investigative evaluation of construction materials, structures or components that fail or do not operate/function as intended is a challenging engineering service Carolina Engineers, PA offers its clients. Distress studies concerning the environmental impact on foundations, retaining walls, slopes, pavements, and buildings are a common service request. Carolina Engineers can also assist in evaluating tree root effects on foundations, sewers and drainage.

Our forensic engineering services include site investigations, laboratory testing, report preparation and technical consultation.

Areas of service concerns are:

  • Drainage/Sewerage Pipe Distress
  • Foundation Cracking/Distress
  • Floor Slab Settlement/Cracking
  • Driveway Cracking/Sinking/Heaving
  • Water Damage (Cause and Extent)
  • Tree Root Growth Damage

Our impartial investigative approach allows us to objectively test distressed materials to evaluate the cause(s) of failure/distress and/or determine the cause of structural failure/distress. Through proven engineering and scientific principles and effective reporting our clients are able to implement sound remediation action.