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Carolina Engineers, PA provides a broad range of site development services. Our past projects and current assignments have involved or are involving us in a wide variety of endeavors. Our highly skilled professional staff generated strategies that efficiently and systematically concentrate on achieving the client’s designated criteria, controlling construction costs, and reducing potential liabilities while considering environmental issues.

We are always prepared to provide the following important services:

  • Research of local ordinances
  • Pre-construction feasibility studies
  • Acceptance testing & quality control
  • Documentation
  • Zoning clearance acquisition
  • Required permit acquisition
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Grading plans and earthwork analyses
  • Street and highway design/layout
  • Stormwater and utilities design/layout…………..and many other services.

If we do not perform requested services, we have developed an impressive complement of subcontractors to carry out the required work. Our management competence ensures your project’s success.